Fresh Florida Keys stone crabs - delivered overnight to your door.

Fresh Florida Keys stone crab claws from our dock - to your door overnight!
2013/14  Season NOW OPEN!

Stone Crab Claws - The secret taste treat of Florida
If you have never tasted stone crab meat, oh my, are you in for a treat!
Sweet, firm and delicious, all pre-cooked - just crack the claw and eat.


Fresh Florida Stone Crab

We feature locally caught stone crab, delivered every day at our dock right on Fishery Row in Summerland Key. We ship FedEx overnight, or pick 'em up at our Summerland Key Seafood Market or eat them right here on our patio overlooking the lagoon.




Fresh stone crab claws are available in several sizes - ready to eat
Stone crab claws are pre-cooked right on our dock, then chilled and sorted by size.


1-2 Market Prices







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We package our seafood in insulated coolers w/ a freeze-pac bag to keep the product cold, orders in by 3:00pm are shipped the same day.

The secret taste treat of Florida,
These stone crab claws are ready to serve - try them with a mustard sauce or melted butter!

More about our Florida Keys Stone Crabs
Stone crabs are caught in baited traps - when the trap is pulled, a claw is harvested from legal sized crabs and the crab immediately returned to the sea, where he hides while regenerating another claw, usually when he molts (egg bearing female stone crabs are never used). The catch is cooked in fresh water immediately after arrival at our docks (helps free the meat from the shell), then the cooked claws are chilled in ice water to seal in flavor and sorted by size. TIP: Cracking stone crab claws can be as easy as whacking them with the bottom of a tablespoon or scientific by using a wooden mallet. If you put the claws in a plastic see-thru bag, then crack 'em - less mess.

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Commercial orders...
For restaurants and seafood distributors we ship amounts of 10# or more direct via American Airlines to 153 North American cities. Seafood that was swimming last night can be in your place of business today! We deliver several times a day to the Key West Airport for direct shipment to American  Airlines destinations.

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