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Key West Pink Shrimp


Key West Pink Shrimp
We feature Key West pink shrimp - caught in the adjacent Gulf of Mexico and processed locally. These shrimp are flash frozen (shell on) and available in 5# boxes in several different sizes:


Count 5# Box per lb Key West Pink Shrimp - shipped overnight anywhere in the US


21/25 per lb    


31/35 per lb    


41/50 per lb    


51/60 per lb    

A truly versatile shellfish, shrimp can be prepared many different ways
and are fairly easy to prepare. Allow about 3 servings per lb.


Royal Red Shrimp

Extremely Rare ROYAL RED SHRIMP for those who demand the absolute best taste and texture Shrimp on this  earth, for Love or Money Period! They taste between shrimp, lobster, and snow crab meat.
Royal Reds are caught in waters that are 1800 to 3000 feet deep. From the Desoto Canyon off of Pensacola all the way along the shelf’s edge to the Dry Tortugas in the Florida Keys. 

Royal Reds (Pleoticus Robustus) are perhaps the softest and most delicate of all our United States of America -Florida Shrimp. Due to their more delicate texture, cook times for these shrimp must be cut almost in half.

Only a few boats are equipped to target these because of the depth requiring almost a mile of cable to trawl the bottom.

Call for pricing - limited stock/availability for these rare shrimp.


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